Oslo White

Oslo White

700 DKK

The classic Ambassador 1867 bathrobe

The robe is a traditional garment piece that has been putting comfort first for generations. Established in Copenhagen we have been manufacturing homewear for men since 1867. All our bathrobes have a soft luxurious feel and a comfortable fit. Find a soft velour home set or a 100% organic cotton and jacquard velour robe for men in our broad selection. To enhance the ventilation quality of our bathrobes they have two different sides. We have combined these exact fabrics for their multiple qualities and look. While the fine french towelling inside of the garment will instantly make you feel dry when you step out of the shower, the jacquard velour outside will keep you warm on the chilly mornings. Our bathrobes are available in a wide range of colours - the bright and crisp white brings a luxurious hotel feel to your wardrobe, and the darker robes in a solid colour will add a more classic Scandinavian design character to your look. If you would like to add a sophisticated twist to your mornings, choose a robe in an authentic pattern from our collection of bathrobes with stripes, checks and herringbone. If you are looking for a lighter fabric, take a look at our selection of gowns

Soft robes for men

The comfortable Ambassador 1867 bathrobes are the result of an inherited expertise of the handcraft from our family of tailors, which results in our refined expertise in men’s loungewear. Let the softness of the natural fabrics lure you out of bed in the best thinkable way, wrap up in your cosy robe after the daily shower, and wear it for your breakfast ritual. In our experience our bathrobes suit a morning set of freshly squeezed orange juice, croissants and espresso perfectly. Find a piece of our nightwear of your choice, such as a pyjama or a pair of night trousers, and wear it underneath your Ambassador bathrobe for a sharp morning look.

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