It is our vision to sell products that are produced with environmental and social responsibility in mind. We believe positive actions, no matter how big or small, towards respecting our planet and all its inhabitants, can make a difference and we hope our small actions will contribute to making our world a better place. 

Our jersey pyjmas is good example of our effort. This line comes in 100% organic cotton with certified confidence in textile – all made in Europe. 

You feel a suppleness and flattering charm to your body while wearing our natural and masterly cut garments. Ambassador is manufactured by the finest fabrics and by, highly skillful and educated employees, to ensure you a perfect garment night after night. All garments are produced on approved factories with certificates, setting high standards for employees and environment.

Over the years an increasing part of our production is carried out in Europe, and we are today proud to say that 67% of production takes places within EU. Our aim is to increase this number ensures even higher professional standards, safe working conditions and environmental awareness. Furthermore, by locating production close to our main market we gain a quicker and more flexible production together with lower transportation CO2 costs.