Ambassador since 1867

The year is 1867. For decades Denmark has experienced a cultural and industrial trend pouring over the borders from Southern Europe. An inventive Danish company is inspired by Southern fashion and begins the manufacture of quality pyjamas for the Danes.

The pyjamas is called Ambassador and very soon it has become a reliable and established brand with the Danes who rapidly embrace the comforts of the pyjamas. Today the name is ”Ambassador since 1867”- a name that indeed signals experience and whose brand has become an entrenched part of the Danish pyjamas culture.

Ambassador since 1867 is a brand that thinks innovatively and designs products of super quality for men of all ages. Our products are designed and manufactured with great respect for quality and fit meaning that elegant design goes hand in hand with unique and comfortable materials.

The pyjamas – a classic hit
Ambassadors since 1867’s range of products was designed with respect for the classical Southern European tradition according to which a light and classic pyjamas is an absolute must in any wardrobe mixed with the Scandinavian style of chaste and minimalistic cut. In Denmark the pyjamas is often associated with total relaxation, indoor cosiness, a crackling fireplace and hot drinks in the bosom of the family.

In a number of cases the pyjamas has been hyped by successful pop cultural successes like the Danish ”Far til Fire” family movies and the popular American sitcom ”Mad Men”, in which the elegant fifties style is placed on the global fashion agenda where the classical pyjamas is already a permanent part of the attire.

Ambassador’s range of products offers everything from classic pyjamas, night shirts and boxer shorts of the most luscious cotton, cotton satin and poplin to bath ropes of the finest velour and elegant night gowns of exquisite cotton. The range of product is constantly being expanded and optimised, and the traditional cuts continue season by season bearing in mind trends and tendencies, but always respecting the classic look. With fashion constantly changing it is vital to keep developing the classical night wear to match demand.