The story of Ambassador 1867

Ambassador since 1867 is a proud and traditional brand with a long production and design history. The brand has been around for more than 100 years and in addition to standing for exclusivity and classic elegance, we uphold old design virtues and see it as an honorable profession to dress the man in a stylish, classic design.

We epitomize slow fashion with an innovative approach and always try our best to merge classic and modern elements. We design, manufacture and sell pajamas, robes, sleepwear and homewear in exclusive fabrics for the elegant man who values quality, design expression and an elegant fit.

At Ambassador since 1867, we take care of the entire design process, developing our own fabrics, being present during the weaving process and watching our seamstresses produce the products. In general, we work with a variety of fabrics and design expressions to create clothes that suit multiple needs, occasions and seasons. Our special attention to detail also means that we offer a 10-year quality guarantee.

We are committed to being trustworthy, sustainable and, most importantly, ethical in all our processes. Our products are only manufactured with special certificates that set high standards for both employees and the environment.

The story of Ambassador since 1867 begins in the late 1800s, when Denmark was experiencing a cultural and industrial development that flowed across its borders from other parts of Europe. Danes want the same modern products as our neighbors, and Ambassador since 1867 starts making quality pajamas for Danish men and quickly becomes a well-established brand.

Designed with respect for the classic British and French textile and tailoring traditions, the pyjamas in Denmark then and now are associated with a good night’s sleep, relaxation, indoor fun and family time.

Today, Ambassador since 1867 is owned by cousins Christian and Christoffer Melchior. Both have families involved in the textile industry going back generations. The former took over the company in 2007. The history of the brand and the values it stood for, the approach to the exclusive fabrics and his own expertise, experience and background in the industry made for a perfect match. Christian wanted to carry on the spirit of the company, use his own skills to immerse himself in the product and utilize his knowledge and understanding of weaving techniques and textiles. He wanted to focus on quality and continue to upgrade the product. In 2022, Christoffer joined with a focus on strengthening the company’s presence on digital platforms.

Ambassador since 1867 is the essence of exclusivity with an elaborate product portfolio. We have a wealth of experience and a particularly proud design heritage that has established the brand in the industry and, not least, the Danish sleepwear and pyjama culture. After more than 100 years, some of our first design patterns are still being used – and with great pride in our hearts.

Today, you can buy Ambassador since 1867 in more than 150 stores in Denmark and in over 75 men’s stores abroad, primarily in Europe.

We believe that the great quality and classic, elegant design will bring you extra joy and well-being in your everyday life. We invite you to indulge in self-pampering, meditative relaxation and tranquillity so you can recover and re-energize for tomorrow’s challenges.

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