Welcome to Ambassador since 1867.

Ambassador since 1867 has been creating and producing high-quality clothing in classic, elegant designs for more than 100 years. Our range focuses on sleepwear, bathrobes, robes and other homewear designed to maximize your wellbeing. We want to give our customers the joy of coming home and wearing one of our exclusive products.

Everything Ambassador does is based on the company’s core values of high product quality, sustainability, aesthetics and customer focus.

We offer a 10-year quality guarantee and ensure sustainability by primarily using 100% organic, certified cotton and production in the EU.

The vision behind Ambassador is that every single piece of clothing is used day and night, year after year. Get excited!

Men's pyjamas

All our pyjamas are made from 100% organic cotton and, as a special feature, we offer a 10-year quality guarantee.

Bathrobes for men

We have a large selection of bathrobes in an elegant, stylish design in exclusive qualities.

Men's robe for men

The robe, or dressing gown as some like to call it, is a true gentleman’s garment.

Sleepwear & homewear

The ultimate pampering when you need to relax or optimize your night’s sleep. Try classic sleepwear and homewear from Ambassador since 1867.

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