Moscow Navy

Moscow Navy

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The art of comfort in Ambassador 1867 dressing gowns

Our dressing gowns for men are simply made of the softest materials imaginable. Because we know that there is a perfect robe for every man, we carry various variants of gowns. All of our styles are fitted with plenty of space and with, which allows you to wrap the robe around your body and still be able to sit comfortably, as well as stay warm and cosy at all times. Find your tailored fit here, no matter if you prefer a fluffy gown that hugs your body and keeps you warm, or a breathable robe in a slick lightweight material that nestles up close to you. Browse our seasonal selection of assorted qualities including flannel cotton, two fold satin, a mix of flannel cotton and wool or pure fine velour. If you are looking for a gown to wrap around you after showers, see our collection of bathrobes with supreme ventilation quality for that particular purpose.

Original soft gowns and laidback apparel for men

Our authentic light gowns for men have carefully considered details such as classic collars in jacquard and pipings along the collar and pockets. Every piece of loungewear has a unique stylish expression with pattern, checks in different colours or solid colours just like our generations before us shaped, perfected and designed it. Style your gown with an Ambassador 1867 pyjamas set or a just pair of loose night trousers alone for a complete sleepwear look. The men's gowns are custom made for fetching the newspaper outside, and having breakfasts inside in a slow pace. This piece of classic menswear will get you safely through the laziest hours of your days, and in our opinion it is frankly the most essential must have you will need for any casual occasion. Even as a present for a special someone you can’t go wrong with an Ambassador gown.

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